Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Three levels or stages in development of unity consciousness.

Getting clearer and clearer that there are three stages in this whole business .. call it maybe, unity consciousness.
The seeing of & being in Unity is the whole thing ..
The first stage is ignorance or duality, being only aware of oneself as an ego-self subject and all else as objects.
The second stage is liberation from this narrow imprisonment in the ego-self by recognising it's nature as illusory and made up of thought and memory and habits, a temporary thing. Through this a shift in perception occurs to being identified with permanence, the awareness which is found to be one's true nature .. only possible to be .. not to be seen because it is pure subject .. not an object .. It is the permanent awareness behind all phenomena including the temporary ego-self.
The third stage occurs when it is recognised that the ego self is actually composed of the permanent true nature appearing in temporary mode.
A good analogy is found in the image of wave and ocean;
1) The wave only aware of itself as a wave or subject .. seeing all other waves as objects .. ignorant of the ocean.
2) The wave becoming aware that it is actually ocean .. and becoming happy with that and just resting in being ocean .. rejecting the notion of wave.
3) The wave realising that it is both wave and ocean with no separation and accepting once again it's waveness while being essentially ocean.

I would call these three stages
1) Ignorance.
2) Liberation.
3) Completion.

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