Thursday, 27 October 2011

To blog or not to blog that is the question .. wether it be nobler in the mind ..
Who's mind ? My mind ? WTF ?
It really doesn't matter .. & yet it does .. To whom ?
On Facebook and forums we get replies .. dialogues .. In blogs .. so often we might as well be talking to ourselves .. I can do that in my journal ..
Talking talking talking .. always talking .. Hot air .. now turns into hot brain .. just self talk ..
Then we look at the thoughts and realise that they are not our own .. Seemingly popping in from nowhere.
Where do they come from ?
Where does life come from ?
Where did the universe come from ?
Same place is my guess. People don't like the word God .. too many connotations .. but God is unique .. not like any other thing .. Just as the real Tao cannot be named ..
That's where I believe life and thoughts and the universe come from .. that unnameable unique presence which cannot be seen .. but is experienced throughout life .. Some call it Awareness some Consciousness some Being ..
Words words words .. thoughts thoughts thoughts ..
It's quieter now away from the hubbub of Facebook and forums ..
Love tells me I am everything .. Wisdom tells me I am nothing and my life swings between the two ..
Love takes me out towards others .. sharing .. celebrating ..
Wisdom brings me back in here .. alone .. nothing ..
Being alone and loving is O.K. too ..
Being with others and being nothing is hard .. requires silence ..
So I slip back towards silence now as i post this ...

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