Friday, 25 November 2011

Further clarification of what the Liberation mechanism is and what happens afterwards.

Friday, 25th November 2011

There is frustration arising around lack of clarity in the LU thing .. beginning to see more and more clearly that it is one step towards what I would call complete liberation or non-dual consciousness for most people .. temporary relief occurs when there is a total belief that there is no self .. then the logical impossibility is seen again ..
Saying that a car does not exist because it is made up of wheels and an engine and a body and mirrors and fenders & therefore you can’t find it, it’s just a concept made up of other things .. doesn’t prove anything .. the car’s still there .. plain for all to see ..
Saying that the self does not exist because it’s made up of thought and memories and habits and a body is the same thing .. it’s still there plain for all to see .. (otherwise there’d be no threads and no opinions and no no-opinion opinions etc etc ) ..
The thing is the car won’t go without a driver or petrol .. what is really interesting is what makes the self go ? .. Who’s the driver ?
What Liberation is really pointing to is that the self (car) is not the driver .. not that it does not exist. The technique of pointing to no-self really is just using a belief in no-self to get people to stop identifying with the self .. When you are shown that the self does not exist .. it really means you are shown that it is not You ..
Access is given temporarily to the consciousness behind the assumed self, a chance is given to live in and as the driver rather than the car, a clear seeing and understanding that the car (ego-self) is not you .. and with it a chance to live in and as conscious awareness or at least find a deeper understanding of who the driver is ..
Confusion arises only in the identification with the ego-self and the mind-body mechanism (the car) ..
A really good driver becomes almost one with his car .. but he doesn’t believe he is the car.
A next step to a really deep and truthful appraisal of the situation also brings the realisation that the real driver is not you either .. there is something going on or “arising” .. but just as you are not the car you are not really the driver either .. something is driving this body mind .. which may be called consciousness .. but there is no control from a “you” at all ..
Deeper understanding or experience shows that the same something which is driving the apparent you is also the same one who runs the whole show .. the inner experience and the outer .. including being the cause and substance of all the objects arising ..
That one is the very essence of all that is arising in dualistic reality and consciousness .. that’s why there is tendency to call it consciousness and say that all that is arising is arising in consciousness ..
Pure seeing .. pure consciousness is something not easy to access or realise .. In the majority of cases in Liberation I would say that the ego-self or “car” is seen as not the driver .. not consciousness .. It is a very useful distinction and mechanism for seeing what the ego-self is (i.e. not you) .. but that does not normally give direct access to pure consciousness ..
There seem to be many levels of seeing the truth of no-self .. including the ultimate realisation that not only is there no ego-self (or car) but no real self behind this either .. no driver .. no identification with a driver .. just understanding or direct seeing that all is truly and really one .. just one thing arising in all places at all times .. or all things mutually arising .. total death of any self ..
To me this is the real interest of the Liberation mechanism .. when and how this may occur ..
Til now many people on the spiritual path will tell you that something “ just happened” to them .. some (such as Adyashanti) realised that at the same time as they stepped out of the illusion of self they also stepped out of their previous path (in his case Zen) .. It is obvious to most people that there has been a connection with what went before in terms of a practice .. but the people who it happens to will generally say that it is not like that .. They practiced away for years and then something happened .. we-e-ell who knows ? What I am trying to say is that up til the clarification of the Liberation mechanism, using direct pointing to no-self .. there hasn’t been an efficient way of starting this thing .. Many people spent years in rigorous meditation routines and other practices, often with extreme asceticism and discipline, to “deny the self” ..
As I see it the Liberation mechanism with direct pointing to no-self is a very very useful discovery which has quite varied results, the common denominator of which is seeing the illusion of ego-self or sense of self .. but after Liberation there is great variety in the clarity and depth of seeing ..
Where does that leave us ? Sharing experiences can be useful .. endlessly discussing also happens.. young men full of testosterone measuring up to each other with absolutist views to show that they have understood everything and everyone else is an idiot also happens .. but some of us are too old to know everything.

So where does that leave us ? If none of what I say is recognised then .. just where we are .. Liberation going on .. varied results and endless discussions ..
My point is .. if the liberation mechanism works for what I would call a first step generally speaking .. how to make it more complete ?
Can that first seeing be deepened ? (obviously not if it is not recognised that deepening is needed) .. I think that Ilona and Elena are of the opinion that deepening happens by “old shit falling away” .. working through stuff .. or “cleaning house” .. That may be one way of saying it .. but if so that can also take a life time .. I just wonder if the same, or a similar or even a new mechanism can be used to get to what I would call total unity .. i.e. can we help each other to “clean house” ? It seems quite messy to leave people to just argue it out as they knock bits of each other and gradually become a bit smoother and/or softer .. (that was a part of the mechanism in the sufi community .. but I wonder wether we can be more subtle and intelligent here )
Only in the complete seeing of no self can there be the arising of true non-dual seeing .. Real deep dissolution of self (the death of it) .. resolves the whole subject/object illusion which we all live in and is so obvously still there in most people after Liberation or “Gate” ..
I want to take this thing further .. which obviously has to happen anyway .. but if the Liberation mechanism is a modern “state of the art” technique which cuts through years of crap .. to get kick started .. how can we reduce the time period of the next endless chapters .. and race towards completion in non-dual consciousness ? The times are very intense & we have found something .. I feel strongly that we need something more .. Step one was great .. We helped each other to get through the Gate .. now we are all on the other side how do we help each other again to go from seeing of no-self to truly being no-self ?

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  1. This is excellent. couldn't have said it better myself.