Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Some results of Liberation from the illusion of ego.

Wednesday, 30th November 2011


 You can’t get rid of the ego with the ego .. but somehow maybe after seeing that it is an illusion and in knowing that thinking is part of that illusion ... the tendency to believe that one can find an answer to the riddle of life .. or somehow put things right .. loses power and attraction .. the desperation to reach a conclusion also loses momentum in the seeing of its impossibility and its absurdity .. One begins to allow life and realise that life, just exactly as it is, is the answer .. & it’s not static .. it’s dynamic .. flowing in all its glory and many sidedness ..

 Ratiocination .. philosophy .. logical argument .. none of those things will solve the riddle of existence .. There used to be a lovely thing that happened in Spain when two children were arguing they’d often end up just yelling at each other, “Porque siii !” “Porque nooo !” meaning,  because yes ! because no ! ...

That about sums up the search for truth using the mind .. however I suppose we’ll just keep doing it because it’s fun ! :) .. and because we have an ego .. illusory or not ..

A logical conclusion to the seeing of no-self would be to liberate others .. but not all of us are made that way .. it happens or it doesn’t .. there probably needn’t be any should or shouldn’t about it.

A logical conclusion to non-dual consciousness would be to sit in silence or meditation .. but many would rather talk about it to others .. or combine the two ..

A logical result of belief in God would be to worship Him .. but that doesn’t always happen .. even where there is deep belief ..

Everything is just happening .. and nothing can really improve anything or put anything right .. but that tendency in humans is also part of what is happening so we’ll always keep on trying to put things right even by telling them that there is no need to put things right .. etc etc ..

With the population thing there is a hockey stick graph which shows that the population stayed about the same until 1780 ..People may have had eight kids but generally two children survived two parents .. Then we got clever and put things right by learning how to cure all sorts of diseases .. but of course the population started to grow ..

I don’t think anyone would suggest going back now to having a lot of kids and not using medicine to cure the population boom.

So what happens to follow that one through ? We start GM crops & maybe that turns out to be an ecological mistake .. we keep trying to improve everything and the collapse of the world economy and the capitalist system is being seen right now as a result of that .. the idea that somehow we can make it better ..

Trouble is .. even seeing that will not enable us to lay off and do nothing .. let things take their course .. However .. our very not being able to lay off & not interfere is part of things taking their course .. so ultimately .. it’s not that it doesn’t matter .. it’s more that it is just happening anyway .. Ultimately we have no control ..

I see this is being recognised even in the small world of Liberation groups ..  some of us “have” to liberate others .. some are not inspired at all .. some feel guilty about not doing it .. but ultimately all that is just happening .. one lot of people cannot become another .. (though maybe there is a kind of osmotic effect .. a bit of “seepage” or overlap) ..

I saw recently three main types of people in Unleashed .. basically the rational scientific ones, the spiritual ones and the more feeling based ones. Yes there is some overlap .. some seepage .. but generally the scientific ones don’t become all spiritual .. the spiritual ones don’t become all scientific and the feeling ones don’t all start living in their heads ..

Things and people are just the way they are .. the great thing about seeing the illusion of self is that, at least in  the Unleashed group, it is a common denominator for all three types (& of course that is very rough and arbitrary classification) .. It appears to be a reality that is acceptable to & agreed upon by people  whatever their general proclivity towards a particular world view. It is a kind of universal truth crossing many barriers and introducing a measure of freedom from the burden of consciousness as a separate egoic individual a kind of connection between people through a central truth of the nature of being common to all human experience .. Wow ! J

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