Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Simplifying steps in Liberation process.


In order to spread the occurrence of Liberation it would seem practical to understand the mechanism as clearly as possible.

What intrigues me is the mechanism whereby the seeing of no-self becomes non-dual awareness .. (otherwise known as enlightenment & what was offered on Liberation Unleashed and drew me in in the first place).

If one stops identifying with the known (in this case the ego-self) and becomes the knowing .. then the known is seen as an illusion ..

If the ego-self is seen as an illusion does this imply that all else is also seen as an illusion .. does the illusory nature of subject/object reality collapse into a unitary state of consciousness ?

Is duality caused by believing in oneself as a separate individual ?

Does the collapse of that separate individuality as a norm of consciousness signify non-dual consciousness becoming the norm ?

1) Seeing the illusion of self.

2) Dropping attachment to the illusion of self.

3) The flooding in (or seeping in, according to the level of attachment at 2) of unitary or non-dual consciousness.

[4) Living in and acting from  non-dual consciousness.]

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