Sunday, 23 October 2011

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Sunday, 23rd October 2011


Here now, in my little place in Dorset. I have been wondering wether to make yet another blog as my apparent self and way of seeing/being takes on yet another incarnation or change ..
Really it feels like this time it is not even that .. but actually the seeing through of that false self so that life begins to be lived from the Real Self .. or awareness rather than the small, illusory, ego self or point of view.

The above was the beginning of a blog post for Non-Duality Is .. my latest blog started last year ..
Nothing seems to keep up with the changes that are going on in me ..
Right now it seems like something really has happened so that (at least partially) I am living from the real self rather than the illusory ego self ..
There is such a change in my way of being that it is hard to communicate in my old way .. even with myself !
I don’t know this new self .. I’m not in such a rush to tie it all down in words ..
All I can really say is that Direct Pointing .. as used by the people in Liberation Unleashed and Raw Truth on FaceBook really seems to work ..
I might be able to do an analysis of the kind of thing that happened on waking this morning .. or just try to show that right now ..
It’s like the old self goes wheeling on but there is an innate awareness of that .. so when it becomes a little odd .. or seems false or uncomfortable .. one slips back a notch and finds oneself observing this stuff .. Oh! Dumbo! .. it’s just the small self wheeling on ! .. so .. here I am then .. watching it ...... big space ..
That seems to be one of the qualities .. big space .. not tumbling around in the white water of rushing thoughts and attempts to analyse tie down express to oneself .. etc .. or “prove” anything .. or even find anything .. just being ..
Amazingly suddenly genuinely .. there is peace ! What happened ?
They really helped me to see through the small self .. that it is an illusion .. doesn’t exist apart from thought .. that it is made up of thought (and memory and identification with the body) .. and thought can’t think ..
I am that from which thought arises .. but not thought .. so I can watch it arising .. and then .. magically .. thought evaporates! .. it genuinely slows down so much as to almost be non-existent .. for short periods of time .. but they seem to get longer .. and it seems that I can choose! .. Literally just choose to sit back in the relax .. that unaccustomed state of just being .. no goals, no desires, no anxieties worries or fears .. just being .. watching thought arise .. find nothing to attach to or create dramas with .. and evanesce .. evaporate like mist on a warm day ..
That’s beautiful ! Amazing .. and real ! .. better than the results of psychology any day and free .. just takes a little work with some like-minded, genuine caring and enthusiastic liberated friends working .. aiding for free on Liberation Unleashed and Raw Truth on FaceBook ..
I’m so amazed and so pleased .. it seems like the best use of the internet and social media yet .. helping to move humanity forward in its greatest and most important step yet .. The step into non-dual consciousness.
It isn’t perfected or easy by any means yet .. but it’s starting .. the ball is rolling .. the snowball is becoming very large and a lot faster .. the fire is spreading .. the landslide is picking up speed and should take many with it ..
Let’s hope it happens big time across the globe in time to save us all from the ravages of dualistic consciousness in all its ugly forms of war and hate and materialistic ambition culminating in ... our self destruction ..
There is still time and there is still hope ..

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