Sunday, 23 October 2011

Just being now .. in awareness and .. in awareness of awareness ..

Mmmm .. just being .. now ... That's what's happening and it seems almost too good to be true .. so what I am seeing is that there is sitting in awareness and there is the small self's voice chattering on .. I see that one has to accept that .. the chattering doesn't stop really .. it's just that I am not identified with it .. Also the chattering is kind of new .. Sometimes the old voice comes up .. (but not often) .. with some negative shit .. but it just flushes away in the stream of the new chatter .. which is much more positive and mainly about what it feels like to experience being liberated .. It is so new ..
Then I see that there is the possibility to just disengage with that almost totally for a while .. just sit .. in awareness .. watch the trees waving in the wind .. What used to be like special Zen moments .. I can now choose to be there .. if I want .. if I am tired of the chatter or want a break .. Just watch it all seamlessly mutually arising .. and then even lose that in a deeper felt oneness by watching my watching seamlessly arising mutually with everything else .. !

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