Monday, 29 August 2011


Monday, 29th August 2011

09:55: Hrs;

Seems like we do live in a multidimensional universe .. Which doesn’t really surprise me .. I mean why shouldn’t God create as many universes as He likes and why should we be privy to them ?However mathematicians are saying this now .. Apparently since about 2009 it has been proved by a group of mathematicians working on the E8 Symmetry .. The extraordinary thing is that a representation of it has appeared on a crop circle this year .. and it makes one wonder if these “agrograms” (which are certainly not made by “plankers” & appear literally in a flash overnight, of extraordinary delicacy and intricacy) are made by beings outside of humanity trying to indicate something to us and maybe linking prophecies from calculations in the Mayan calendar with modern scientific knowledge to prepare us for something extraordinary that is about to happen in 2012 .. or wether they are from inside humanity .. in which case .. what is the point of such elaborate hoaxes .. which indicate very advanced technology .. (no one knows how they are made still and traces of elements not naturally occurring have been found at some sites ..) .. or are our own governments privvy to information which has not been on general release for reasons to do with political control ? Who is communicating with us about  these things and for what reasons ? Very strange and not insignificant I think.

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