Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Escape from illusion.

Wednesday, 8th December 2010


To escape from the illusion .. not to be involved in the duality of success and failure .. not to be beholden to the ravages of time and the body and the mind .. to apprehend and be the reality behind the illusion .. only one .. eternal and infinite .. to remain aware of that and to return to it as often as possible in ups and downs .. heat and cold poverty and wealth sickness and health and all the other dualities which form the illusory time bound existence on earth.

Poetry is no escape no matter how well crafted .. though it could make a change for a short while from the diet of telly and personalities .. news and game shows .. films and documentaries .. (thank God for BBC Four) ..

No one wants to question the whole thing .. just find their niche within it and show some kind of success .. leave their mark in the sands of time .. trying to make a rock that will last longer than the others .. show bigger .. be more sigificant in a world in which they no longer exist and hope to maintain some presence through children and family. What a crazy game!

Interestingly endless access to the internet and universal education may put an end to some of that .. when there is a “bottom up” instead of top down .. society .. when everyone gets an opinion and can express it and when mass opinion can be apprehended and reflected back to the mass from which it came within hours or even moments .. is that self detructive anarchy,mass mindlessness and the loss of excellence, or does it not also hold the possibility of mass raising of consciousness and improvement of the human condition through awareness rather than worshipping the god of material advancement ?

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  1. Could you have foreseen the Occupy Movement ????