Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Non-duality rocks.

Hi again today .. I'm not really sure why yesterday's post .. (a copy and paste job from Beshara's web site) managed to spread itself all over the sidebar. Maybe by writing a new post in here it will adjust more normally and the other  one will apear below in a more readable format.
I am nearer to actually living that state through the perfect assurance and re-assurance that Ibn Arabi's words brought me .. He just ties it down from every angle .. I love the way that he says Allah is His own veil over Himself .. it is what Tony Parsons means when he says that Being hides itself by being everything.
 More and more there is a reality for me to the well worn understanding that all spiritual paths eventually come to the same point and the same understanding is highlighted through the words of their prominent  mystical figures wether that be Djalaudin Rumi or Ibn Arabi or even Al Ghazzali (see the Mishkat al Anwar where he comes closest to revealing what Ibn arabi is so open and free to say) in the Islamic sufi way or Dzogen from the Zen tradition or Lao Tzu from the Taoist way or the Buddha himself in many sutras like, famously, the Lotus Sutra or the Diamond Sutra .. or wether it is
Ramana Maharshi or much earlier Shankara in the Hindu way ..  Wether it is Meister Eckhart in the Christian tradition or even the prophets themselves like Muhammad's famous hadith "He who knows himself knows his Lord." or any of the myriad sayings of Jesus .. especially perhaps in St Thomas's gospel .. but not least of all "The Kingdom of God is within you." kind of says it all ..
The examples I am sure are endless and each one will have favourites of his or her own but the import is the same .. and the treally important thing is to keep trying to realise it in oneself  .. nothing else will ultimately satisfy ..
 We all have natural human desires for food, sex, sleep or whatever .. they are needs which must be fulfilled in normal circumstances .. but no matter how often we try to satisfy ourselves with the fulfilling of those needs and no matter how elevated we make our shaping and appreciating the fulfilling of those needs and pleasures wether of the eye, ear, touch, taste or smell .. never .. never .. will they satisfy us .. I am sure that all of those longings and desires .. hopes and dreams are ultimately only the longing for the real thing .. the apprehension and realisation of the state of not-two .. the felt, lived and experienced state of the true mystic .. and I would venture to say .. the true human being ..
 What in earlier times was the province of the priveleged few .. an occurrence reckoned to be once in many millions of individuals .. is now, I believe, becoming available to much greater numbers of people all over the planet and, I would venture to say, may well be showing the beginnings of a raising of consciousness which could well be a quantum leap for human kind and the very leap of consciousness necessary to solve human problems on earth and assure the further survival of the human race .. ultiamtely it has to happen and ultimately I believe, nothing else will save us.

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