Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday, 22nd October 2010

 Sitting quietly doing nothing .. how difficult is that ! The telephone rings.
 Dreams, probably Manolo and Bilquis .. Plenty of thoughts/no-thoughts ..
 Too many to bother with .. all illusion ..
Remnants of an illusory self .. the last sawdust sweeping from another life.

To blog or not to blog ..Tweeting twittering ..every day every moment is a meditation ..


Friday morning .. sweet baraka .. pretty much a full moon ..

Birds twitter .. do I need to ?

Almost forgot the sweet flavour of Zen/Buddhist based non D.


A common ground .. a unity in which all ideas, thought forms and physical forms and events arise .. the very essence of our being .. that which we are and that which is ..

When duality becomes lived and experienced as unity .. every thought form and physical form every internal and external event .. mutually arising ...

Perhaps some people have a stronger vibration of non-dual consciousness than others and by sitting with them we can pick up on it .. and that is satsang and its benefit .. that benefit it is suggested is greater than that which comes from their words though they may be helpful and supportive in pointing towards and urging towards that which pertains as non-dual reality ..

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