Saturday, 23 October 2010

Here now again, on the net.

Yes, here now, on the net again .. taking the plucky step of writing directly into a blog instead of months of beating it out in a Word document. Going public one might say, but that is rather a grand term for something which may hardly be read by a wider public ..
I have been really enjoying the phenomenon of non-duality in all its forms spread all over the net .. or rather the attempt to express it in all its forms.
Last night and this morning I dipped into "THIS IS IT" by dear old Alan Watts. Now there's somebody I half rejected or at least tossed aside in my eagerness for an authentic path when I was a young man. I now find him enormously amusing and with a great aptitude for expressing all the marvellous twists and turns of the western mind &, in fact, the mind in general, when confronted by the impossible task of expressing the phenomenon of non-duality in words which are totally dualistic tools .. ha ha .. what fun !

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