Thursday, 21 October 2010

All is .. including me ..

Hi there reader whoever you are .. I am just another human being like yourself .. I have been blogging away for years as my way of being and expressing non-duality underwent changes of label and form but not essence. The best and also most universally acceptable term these days seems to be non-duality so I'll go with that for now ..
For some time I have gone a bit underground or off the screen as I have been assimilating a change from attempting for about twenty five years to follow a traditional sufi path with a very traditional sufi master. That all basically fell apart in a series of stages which ultimately coincided with the death of my darling wife of fifteen years and my return to England after twenty five years living in Spain and a couple of years in Cyprus.
It seems that most of the assimilation period is now completed and I have an inclination to share my experiences of and experiments with non-duality with other like minded individuals.
I'm sure that quibblers could balk at the very word individuals but I'm also sure that those same people would know what I mean and I find "body-mind" a bit of a clunky expression to keep repeating .. maybe a new vocabulary will develop .. or maybe it won't be so necessary when non-daul consciousness is a lived thing at a general  level rather than an intellectually understood possibility which is right now beginning to spread in a very hopeful manner.
I for one believe it to be the best and perhaps only real solution to man's problems of continued co-existence on this planet available to us. It could be and probably is, the beginning of the necessary quantum leap of consciousness that will radically change our world and the way that we all relate to each other.
All of the former flowerings of non-duality such as Zen, Taoism, Advaita Vedanta and Sufism have had their usefulness and their own special perfume which many of us down to my generation and beyond have delighted in .. and perhaps, they still have their place .. undoubtedly so in this great perfection (percieved or not) that pertains. However, often the connection to different religious backgrounds and cultural contexts can lead not only to some rather uncomfortable posturing of westerners attempting to follow what, up 'til now, have been subsantially eastern paths, but can also lead in some cases to  most extreme forms of dualistic one-up-manship and concentration on perhaps outmoded forms of behaviour.
 In this context I am not proposing any changes or vaunting of a reformation-like purge of old forms of expression of non-daulity only expressing my pleasure at seeing a new dogma-free expression of it and in so doing declaring my wholehearted support of all those struggling to consolidate their lived experience of the reality of non-duality or non-dual consciousness.

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