Friday, 16 March 2012

All Things Indicate The One.

“Any sprig of a herb.”

Learned theologians do not teach love.
Love is nothing but gladness and kindness.

Ideas of right and wrong
operate in us until we die.
Love does not have those limits.

When you see a scowling face,
it is not a lover’s.

A beginner in this way
knows nothing of any beginning.

Do not try to be a shepherd.
Become the flock.

Someone says, This is just a metaphor.
But that is not so.

It is as clear and direct
As a blind man stubbing his foot
Against a stone jar.

The doorkeeper should be more careful,
Says the blind man.

That pitcher is not in the doorway,
Replies the doorkeeper.

The truth is, you do not know
Where you are.

A master of love
Is the only sign we need.

There is no better sign
Than someone stumbling around
Among the waterpots looking for signs.

Every particle of love,
Any sprig of a herb,
Speaks of water.

Follow the tributaries.
Everything we say has water within it.

No need to explain this to a thirsty man.
He knows what to do.

Djalaludin Rumi.
From ‘Bridge to the Soul.’
Translated by Coleman Barks.

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