Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Theistic non-duality.

A You / me / it situation ..

You are both me and it .. so it’s You/me and You/it .. but if I leave You out of the picture I get first me and then it .. =  duality and suffering ..

If I recognise You/me .. and You/it ..(i.e. God as me and God as it) .. that’s a start ..

If I am not other than You and it is not other than You ..

that doesn’t make me You or it You .. though both are not other than You ..

You are everything and everywhere .. but through Your creative and maintaining power You cause separate objects and their maintainance ..

In my consciousness I am aware of myself and other and in my consciousness of consciousness I begin to know You (as) the uniting factor of self and other subject and object ..

The more I remember You .. the more I forget the separate me and the more I experience unity with everything and everyone ..

treating others well in my interactions with them is a measure and a test of this and the reality of this in myself ..

I love to sit and think & write about this which is my way to find the truth and then relate to others through the writing and speaking that gets produced   ..

some kind of conscience says I should worship You ..and this thinking and writing which comes from the longing of my heart is a kind of worship ..

I do feel thankful for the amazing trip of being a conscious human being ..and I do feel a bit guilty about not doing anything more apparently useful than sitting here working all this out ..

but it is what I do .. my nature and probably my God-given nature ..

So I say Thank You to You and sorry to You and please make my thinking capacity for these things useful in some way in serving You and my fellow human beings ..

This is just a reminder of the Oneness of all but also a reminder that it can be regarded as ridiculous to say that it all happens by itself, just because we don’t know how it happens .. and possibly a lot more ridiculous than it is to say that there is an unkowable God Who caused it all to happen causing it all to happen and is maintaining it right now in and as Himself ..

.. so God is a causeless cause but the universe is not a causeless or self-caused universe ..

Therefore the universe & life (especially human life) are not meaningless because God did not create it all in jest .. but in order that He should be known .. through His works and through human being’s recognition of them and also of  Him as themselves appearing in this amazing thing called existence .. while being conscious of it .. so that in fact they are set apart from the rest of creation as special beings with a special capacity not given to any others ..

wow ! (surely only God could do that ?) ..


In this understanding all humans are united .. in the materialist understanding all human beings are divided .. not only between themselves but within themselves ..
The division within themselves is the cause of the modern malady of existential angst and lack of meaning ..

The outer manifestation of this is the division between themselves and the necessity to try to unite the group through the competition for material superiority .. backed by military force .. The most unloving and meaningless system ever seen on the face of the earth ..

Can a new universal non-dual consciousness beyond even a theistic / non-theistic divide save the world now before the dualistic  materialist / financial / military system splits in two in a fight to the death of the human race as we know it ?
If it splits it will ultimately be ‘believers’ (the West) against ‘non-believers’ (ex-communist states) ..
 Which side will you be on ?

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