Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Theistic non-duality .. sufism (or Islamic non-duality) and non-theistic non-duality ..


Wednesday, 14th December 2011


Yaa ..

I am none other than He .. but He is much more than I.

Everything that I know of as me and everything that I know of as the world & the universe is He.

My very subject & subjective experience .. and that which is experienced is He .. Because I as body mind and soul are He .. and all the objects of objective experience are He .. so I and it are one.

All that exists is He as first cause continually and ever-presently causing and as the essence and material of that which is caused .. there is none other than He and nothing other than He.

The very atoms are He and the subatomic particles are He and the energy which binds them is He.

An a-causal connecting principle. Accounting for synchronicity and also Bell’s theorem .. the discovery of twin particles reacting at exactly the same time when separated and one of them is stimulated. Einstein’s theory of relativity says that nothing can travel faster than light .. but this experiment disproved it .. because material is not the cause of material .. God is.

The universe did not make itself .. cause and effect amongst material things is not the actual case but merely the appearance.

You can’t find that out in objects or by looking outside of yourself .. but you can find it out by looking inside yourself .. If you look deeply enough you have to bump up against That Which Is .. the ever present reality ..

He is I but I am not He ..

I am He as He the created .. but I the created (as & by He) am not the Creator.

He is both created and Creator .. how can there be anything other than Him .. anything besides Him ?

This is theistic non-duality and it seems absolutely obvious to me .. How I can explain it is another thing .. Maybe I can’t .. maybe only He allows it or causes it .. but maybe it is my duty to spread the news ?

For me it totally links to the no-self thing (and explains it) .. It also explains the existence of the universe the world and humanity and .. is the meaning and the purpose of man’s existence.

Alhamdulillah. The praise is for Allah.

Subahannallah. Glory to Allah.

Allahuakbar. Allah is Great.

(The Greatest .. Greater .. than all)

Astaghfirullah. I beg pardon of Allah for imagining anything other than this reality. I beg pardon of Allah for imagining myself to be anything other than He .. imagining myself to have any existence besides or other than His. I beg pardon of Allah for being fooled by my nafs and listening to it and its dictates and following it and its dictates.

La illaha ila ’llah. There is no God but God .. there is no God but the God .. (Al lah) .. there is no God but Allah.

Allahu Haq .. Allah is The Truth .. Allah is Reality.

Now for the harder part (’tho maybe become/ing easier) ..

Muhammadan rasul’allah .. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah ..

Because he was the one who most loved and most knew Allah .. The one who was most annihilated in Allah and the most submitted to Allah .. The one who most worshipped Allah externally and internally .. The one who was created the strongest to carry His message and example. The one who had no shadow .. no part of him blocking the light .. he was light.

Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth .. Muhammad was none other than that light .. no resisitance and no block to it .. therefore no shadow.

The trustworthy (Al amin) .. because of his trust in Him. Why to be untrustworthy if you have total trust in Allah ?

Unity .. and Trust must go together .. When you know that there is nothing but Allah .. what is there to distrust ? ..

The messenger and the message were not separate .. he was the Koran walking ..

I try to increase my love of and faith in the Prophet (pbuh) ..

08:47:Hrs; ...

I am happy with my theistic non-duality .. because it seems obvious to me that there is something rather than nothing .. I know that the something is all one .. and Common sense tells me that something does not come from nothing .. nothing is self created .. (other than maybe God Himself .. but we do not know the nature of God’s existence .. so cannot say .. we do not know how even the creation was created .. let alone how the Creator was created .. we can only say that He is the uncreated, though somehow self-created sounds right and better .. and would be unique and a proof His uniqueness) ..

I won’t call it consciousness and that all is consciousness because even that must be created .. consciousness does not exist by itself .. consciousness is actually the energy between subject and object .. pure subjective consciousness is still conscious of something .. Can consciousness be conscious of consciousness ?

That’s almost what happens in real Self Enquiry .. or finding out who is the one that knows there is no self ..

After eliminating all thought .. all questions and answers .. all ideas .. and beliefs .. what is left ? .. Some say raw sense data .. present awareness .. presence ..

Abiding non-dual awareness ..

The “hum” that Mooji was talking about ..

(not me) ..  ..

Yes that which experiences and that which is experienced are seamlessly one as Karen Richards said .. (which is the free awareness that Morinho talks about) .. but I still ask How ? and Why ? and I get the same answer .. God ..

There is one thing ever-presently creating and being the essence of me, my consciousness and all that I am conscious of. Of course they are seamlessly one .. how could they not be ?

When you know that God is all there is .. there is no need for any other explanation ..

Unity does not explain itself .. any more than the universe creates itself .. Presence does not explain it .. though it is the felt reality of it.

But if you know and truly see that God is the essence of the experiencer the experiencing and the experienced .. you have realised that subject object and present tense are all one. Present continuous is the tense of reality.

I loved the way the Sheikh used to say to people “Is it paining ?” rather than “Is it painful ?” ..

09:16:Hrs;  .. blog that as .. something like .. Theistic non-duality .. sufism (or Islamic non-duality) and non-theistic non-duality ..

In love, nothing exists between heart and heart.

 Speech is born out of longing,

 True description from the real taste.

 The one who tastes, knows;

 the one who explains, lies.

 How can you describe the true form of Something

 In whose presence you are blotted out?

 And in whose being you still exist?

 And who lives as a sign for your journey?

~ Rabia al Basri

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