Friday, 29 October 2010

When God-consciousness becomes God's Consciousness.

I like being here as I am anyway .. I like being me .. generally .. just frustrated by not finding anything to join in with or participate in or contribute in any way .. only non-duality .. and that’s the truth !

God is Truth or Reality .. Everything is God (there is nothing but God) therefore everything is Truth or Reality (?..I think) ..

Emptiness is form and form is emptiness.

Samsara and Nirvana are not two.

Fill up one’s mind and thoughts with The Truth .. Be The Truth ..

There is nothing but The Self (God) .. the ego is just God playing at not being God (Leela) .. Dualistic consciousness as percieved by the false ego only sees seperate objects and events, not God or The Self / Brahman ... However there is faith, knowledge and hope from reports .. and there is practice of recognising that there is something (or someone) .. a consciousness that recognises all that is being thought said or done .. all that is occurring or arising ..

One cannot know that something because to do so would be to be another knower beside or outside it, (and therefore not it) One can only be that. Thou art That. Tat Vam Asi.

Recognising (re-knowing) that permanent, unchanging consciousness is the step to becoming it .. Living in that permanent reality which is the ground of all being .. or the Tao .. the emptiness or void from which all arises .. and also the very “substance” of all that is .. not really substance more like a nothingness, an unkowableness as the Physicists have discovered ..

That which changes or moves or is affected simply by being observed .. as the phycisists have found out .. is close to it .. the no-thing which is the source of all things .. The Tao which can be named is not the real Tao .. unnameable .. unknowable .. yet ..

Knowable through itself as manifested in the human being .. the difference between us and the rest of creation .. consciousness being conscious of itself .. what some have called the soul or spirit .. even the Holy Ghost .. (perhaps that which was responsible for the Immaculate Conception of Jesus Christ).

God .. I call it and believe there is nothing but God .. and that includes me .. though I would say that though God is being me .. I am not God in His entirety .. I don’t think that would be possible .. which is akin (perhaps) to finding it easier to say .. Form is emptiness than to say Emptiness is form .. because I believe real emptiness is more than just form, whereas I don’t believe that form is anything more than emptiness .. or God .. playing at being form .. Leela or play or illusion ultimately ..

God .. Truth or Reality (Al Haq) .. is .. and Allahu Haq probably just about says it all .. for beginners like me and even for the Prophet (peace be upon him and all of his family and companions)and Abu Bakr .. as revealed in The Cave.

Real-ising it .. making The Self real in oneself .. Self Realisation .. God Realisation ..

God consciousness is God’s consciousness .. or .. may become God’s consciousness

When God-consciousness becomes God’s Consciousness ...

True consciousness is God’s Consciousness .. if there is nothing but God, if all proceeds from Him .. then the realisation of one’s own permanent consciousness, behind everyday dualistic, changing, ego affected and infected consciousness changing with emotions, moods and circumstances .. the real permanent consciousness which can be apprehended via repeated attempts to witness the impermanent and changing consciousness .. is Self realisation .. or becoming That Which Is and .. necessarily implies becoming one with all else because all else is also That Which Is .. (or God or whatever other label one uses or chooses) ..

All is mutually arising .. or arisen .. or existing .. There are two ends to a stick .. or there is no stick .. both ends are the stick .. one end is impossible ..

The sound of one hand clapping .. what is that ? Listen very carefully and you will find out ..

Where can you see the stick with one end ? Look very carefully and you may find it ..

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